Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Past, Interrupted

I was going to write about kindergarten and first grade next. But then I did something so astoundingly dorky, that I just had to share:

It was my 7th day of work. I was wearing these baggy slinky black pants that look best if hung to dry via the conveniently supplied "loops" sewin into the lining (see example here):

Always faithful to style (or. . .not .. . ). . .I grabbed my pants, shoved them on, and then I frantically got my crap together in order to get my son to school, daugher to her first day of preschool, dog pooped outside, cat watered indoors and oh, wait.. I forgot aunica's shoes.

Let me refer you to the picture above. As you can see, the ribbon loops are very handy-dandy for hanging articles of clothing up to dry. Honestly--I can see why they make them-- for those someones (or somethings) who enjoy caring about such details. I, on the other hand, spend too much time not needing those kinds of things and would be just as happy to ignore the hanging loops on the pants I was about to wear. This ignoring did, however, lead to some embarrassment at the end of my day.

Yes... the pant loops were fairly long (much too long, if you ask me) and they were unfortunately placed in the crotchal area (phew, tucked that loop right in) and in the more posterier area of my body). I failed to keep my posterier loop in check before trotting off to school. Who knows how long I had a ribbon-loop-tail at work on Wednesday, September 5, 2012. Looking in the mirror, I imagined I looked like a horse with some sort of medical issue that left her with 2 skimpy-but-long strands of tail-hair -- two strands that stood out and looked really *really* ridiculous.

No on stopped me to say anything negative about my inability to realize I needed to tuck my pant-loop in. But, considering I work with people who play with preschoolers for a living, it's probably ok. . .

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